Savory Mizuna Tofu TLS

I love to make a “tasty little salad” (TLS) — and often pull from what’s on hand.

Savory mizuna and tofu. Beet-lime sparkling water to drink.

I don’t use recipes for these, but do follow a loose formula. Start with greens, add something rich (nuts, seeds, fish, cheese, tofu, etc) toss on flavorful additions (fruit, chopped veggies, herbs) and dress the whole thing. I don’t use prepared dressings. Instead I dress the salad freehand, using oil, something acid (citrus juice, vinegar) salt and spices, ad lib.

Purple mizuna and tofu star in this TLS

This winter creation makes use of fresh crisp purple mizuna and strawberry daikon. Apologies to my recipe followers — this isn’t a precise one. Trust yourself! And try putting this together. I think you’ll like it. Enjoy!

Big bunch of purple mizuna, washed and chopped

Firm tofu, sliced bite size

Strawberry daikon, sliced thin

Fresh cilantro, rinsed and chopped

Sesame seeds, a handful

Dress with: olive oil, lime juice, ponzu, toasted sesame oil, lime juice, fish sauce (optional) chili oil, salt to taste

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