CSA Veggie box 2/9/18

Another beautiful, warm week here in sunny California.  And that means another fabulous box from Full Belly Farm!  Here’s what’s in my box this week, and how I plan to use these treasures from the farm.

Vegetables 2/9/18
beautiful produce, clockwise from left: napa cabbage, sweet nantes carrots,  romanesco, dino kale, oranges, potatoes, green garlic

Napa Cabbage:  I’ll ferment this tasty tender cabbage with garlic and chili to make my version of kim chi.  Perfect for dinner during the Olympics in Peyongchang.

Carrots:  Snack

Oranges:  Dessert

Potatoes and KaleSausage Kale Hash or White Bean and Kale Soup if the weather cools down.  Or, perhaps I’ll make some Kale chips for something delicious to snack on during the Olympics.

Green Garlic and Broccoli Romanesco:  Coconut Curry

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