ABC Balm

Here’s a DIY Basic recipe, but with a twist.  It’s for your skin!  This fast, simple balm is one of a number of different recipes I make for excellent, natural skin care.

ABC Salve in container
ABC Balm

I have sensitive, dry skin, so am always on the lookout for good products to keep my skin healthy without making me itchy.  I wanted a non-petroleum product that was rich in beeswax, inexpensive to make and unscented – except for the natural, sweet scent of beeswax and coconut.  After a bit of experimentation, I landed on a combo of Avocado oil, Beeswax, and Coconut oil.   The recipe is in the name!  The ingredients are all food grade — what else would you want on your lips?

ABC Balm
ABC Balm, after cooling. Ready to use!

This balm is quite firm — perfect for lips, or for massaging into your cuticles.   For a less firm balm, decrease the amount of beeswax.  Note:  You will need a kitchen scale for this project for ease of measurement.  Enjoy!

ABC Balm
(makes several small tins of lip balm)

30 grams avocado oil
30 grams coconut oil*
30 grams beeswax**
Tins for storage

Using a double boiler, heat all ingredients together until melted.  Pour into tins, and wait for the balm to solidify.

For clean up, scrape as much product out of your pan as possible.  Wash pan with boiling water and a good amount of dish soap.

*there are many types of coconut oil available.  For my balms, I generally use organic, virgin,  expeller pressed oil as it has a light scent, stable fat structure, and is relatively inexpensive.

**for those wanting to avoid the use of beeswax, there are good alternatives, such as soy wax or synthetic beeswax.  Here is an article that may help.



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