Summer Squash with Goat Cheese

I got the most beautiful little yellow crookneck summer squash in my CSA box last week.  I also got some basil, and happened to have goat cheese in my fridge and fabulous olive oil in my pantry.  This salad was the result.

I’ve made this fast, tasty, mellow salad for several years.  Feel free to swap out fresh mint or oregano for the basil.  The squash is eaten raw in this salad, which may be unfamiliar to some of you.  And note that I don’t include quantities with this salad.  It’s because it really depends on how much you need to make.  But don’t worry.  It’s a very flexible, forgiving recipe.

Summer Squash with Goat Cheese

several small summer squash

goat chevre

olive oil

fresh basil, chopped

sea salt

Get out a serving platter or shallow, wide salad bowl.  I used an oval Fiestaware platter in the photo above.  Rinse the squash and remove the stem if needed.  Next, very thinly slice the summer squash.  I use the 2 mm slicing blade on my food processor to get thin, uniform slices.  Crumble some goat chevre over the sliced squash.

Give it a sprinkle of sea salt, then toss the basil evenly over all.  Drizzle the squash and cheese with your best olive oil.  How much?  It’s up to you.  Let’s just say that I’m not shy with the olive oil, though.

If you have a deeper bowl or are making more than 6 servings, layer some cheese and basil between the squash slices.  You want to have all the fabulous flavors of the salad in each bite.

Enjoy at room temp, or straight from the fridge if you need to make it in advance.

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