Carrots with Tarragon

Fresh tarragon is a culinary best friend — warm, interesting, and makes the food it complements shine.

fresh tarragon

In particular, carrots are lofted to something great when tossed with fresh tarragon and butter.  The cooking technique in this recipe keeps the carrot’s sweetness concentrated by using just enough water to steam them without washing away their flavor. A key to making this dish come together is proper salting.  Start with 1/4 tsp sea salt and add more as you like.

Carrots and tarragon, cooking
just after adding butter, tarragon and salt to the steamed carrots

This is a fast and elegant side dish.  Make it for your friends and they’ll thank you for it.  Enjoy!

carrots with tarragon 2
Carrots with Tarragon

Carrots with Tarragon

one bunch carrots, peeled and cut into slim fingers
1 TB minced fresh tarragon
1 1/2 TB butter
sea salt
1/3 cup water

Heat a heavy covered sauté pan over medium heat until warm.  Add the water and carrots.  Cover, and steam for 10 minutes.  Check toward the end of the cooking time to be sure there is still a little water in the pan.  Add a bit more if needed.  After 10 minutes, remove lid, add butter, tarragon, and salt and heat through over medium heat to marry the ingredients.  Enjoy!

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