Giant Cheesy Goldfish Crackers

These are the Goldfish of your dreams.

Giant Goldfish Crackers
Giant Cheesy Goldfish Crackers

Cheesy, buttery, smiling giant goldfish crackers.  Perfect for a special snack, as they are rich and addictively delicious for the cheese lover.

cookie cutter and straw
cookie cutter and straw

The key to getting the goldfish shape is to augment a diamond ring cookie cutter by elongating the round portion, and adding a dent in the jewel part.  To make the eye of the goldfish, just use a drinking straw.  And for the Gluten Free folks out there, this recipe works well with GF flour.   Enjoy!

Giant Cheesy Goldfish Crackers
(makes about 24 crackers)

8 oz extra sharp cheddar cheese, grated and warmed to warm room temp.
8 oz unsalted butter, room temp
12 oz (2 1/3 cups) unbleached white flour or GF flour
1 1/2 tsp sea salt, fine
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

butter and cheese before blending in food processor

In a food processor, blend cheddar cheese with butter until creamy and uniform.  You will likely have to scrape down the bowl a couple times to achieve the right consistency.

Add the dry ingredients, and combine in food processor using low power pulses until a dough forms.  Turn out the dough onto plastic wrap, flatten into a disc, then wrap and cool in fridge for about an hour.

Roll out chilled dough onto parchment paper, dusting with a little flour if necessary to prevent sticking.

Cut the fish shaped crackers and then place on cookie sheet.  Use a drinking straw to create an eye, and a sharp knife to cut a little smile in the dough

Goldfish, just before going into the oven
Goldfish, just before going into the oven

Bake for 18 – 20 minutes at 375, or until they are beginning to brown on the edges.  Cool just until room temp and enjoy.  Store airtight for best texture.

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  1. Carrie Howard says:

    Penny! I love your blog ~ you are so creative! Best, Carrie (Christina’s sister) 🙂

  2. tablemuse says:

    Thanks so much, Carrie!

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