Inside Out cocktail

Presenting my signature cocktail inspired by the film “Inside Out”.  I wanted to capture some of the luminous beauty of the memory orbs in a refreshing, tangy, gin-based cocktail.

Inside Out cocktail
Inside Out cocktail

The memory orbs are simple enough to make, and may be created up to several days in advance.  I wanted to keep their flavor neutral and in balance with the drink, and also fine tune the intensity of their color, so chose to use unflavored gelatin with lime juice and pure orange essence to make the gelatin memory orbs.  The only special equipment you’ll need is a small melon baller.

gelatin memory orbs and a melon baller
gelatin memory orbs and the melon baller used to shape them

Go see “Inside Out”, then make this cocktail to toast this beautiful film.  Enjoy!

Inside Out Cocktail
(makes two servings, with lots of extra memory orbs)

3 oz good quality gin
1 oz simple syrup*
1/2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
2 each of the five different colored gelatin memory orbs

Prepare two cocktail coupes by placing one of each of the different colored gelatin memory orbs in to each coupe.  Shake together the gin, simple syrup and lime juice with ice until very cold.  Strain into the two coupes.  After sipping your cocktail, slurp up the memory orbs for a little extra fun.  Enjoy!

for the gelatin memory orbs:
2 envelopes Knox unflavored gelatin
6 TB sugar
1/4 cup cold water
2 TB fresh squeezed lime juice
1/2 tsp. pure orange essence (optional)
1 1/3 cup boiling water
liquid food colors: red, blue, green, yellow

To make the gelatin orbs:  pour the 1/4 cup cold water & lime juice in a large Pyrex glass measuring cup.  Sprinkle the gelatin on top and allow to hydrate for a couple minutes.  Then add the sugar and boiling water.  Stir to dissolve.  Add the orange essence, if using.  Pour into five small flat-bottomed bowls, so that the height of the gelatin mixture is about 1/2 inch or more.  Stir liquid food color into each of the bowls, one drop at a time to create red, green, yellow, blue and purple colored gelatin.  (for purple, use red and blue in equal amounts).  Place in the fridge until completely cool and jelled.  Use a small (about 1/2 inch) melon baller to scoop out spheres of gelatin.  (Dipping the melon baller in warm water between scoops helps to create clean cuts)  Store in the fridge until needed.

*simple syrup is just one part sugar to one part water.  Make in advance and store in the fridge.


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  1. CoveHouse98110 says:

    Penny, this is brilliant!  We watched the whole show for glimpses of Pete and Amanda, and we cheered when  he won! I loved seeing these good people, great friends of yours, achieve this success. Well deserved, and I was so proud.  Since I remember Pete created an Easter gathering cocktail, it’s completely appropriate that you and your guests enjoyed the “Inside Out ” cocktail.      Love, Mom

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