Mermaid Barbie Cake

My daughter was home for a week of Spring break, and we had a pang of nostalgia.  She wouldn’t be home for her birthday, so we had to make a Barbie cake while she was here for break.  The inspiration for this year’s cake was the sea, and our Mermaid Barbie Cake was the result.
Mermaid Barbie CakeAll the recipes to make this cake are here:  Hot Milk Sponge Cake, Vanilla Frosting.  We used only the single Wilton Wonder pan, and inserted Barbie at an angle so her legs would fit.  The special touches on this cake are all made from frosting, colored sugar, candy pearls, and Marzipan.
Mermaid Barbie cake detailHer tail is just extra frosting shaped and decorated to look like a Mermaid tail.  We sprinkled colored sugar on the tail, then piped scallops to look like scales.  Working with uncolored marzipan using toothpicks and popsicle sticks for tools, we hand formed all sorts of sea creatures.  We then gave them a brush of color with liquid food color diluted with water.  The sand?  Brown sugar.  Other than the Barbie and her crown, it was all edible.  Happy Birthday, Mermaid!

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