Sunny Citrus Platter

One of the great gifts of winter at the produce market is citrus.  Just when the days are short and the skies are often gray we get a POW of flavor and energy in the citrus aisle.  Not only do we get a jolt of flavor and color from our citrus, but we also get needed vitamin C and a host of other nutrients.  There are many beautiful, zippy fruit from which to choose.  This simple fruit salad is so easy to make, and perks up any winter meal.


Sunny Citrus Platter

one navel orange
one mandarin orange
one tangerine
one blood orange
a sprig of fresh mint

Using a sharp paring knife, cut off the peel of the citrus to expose the juice fruit.  Cut into bite size pieces and arrange on a small platter.  Chiffonade the mint and sprinkle over the citrus.  Enjoy!

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  1. Karen Larson says:

    Very happy to have learned the word (and cooking technique) chiffonade today!

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